ProcessOne through its P1 EDI software has developed, and is delivering, an EDI solution that truly does automate the supply chain. By maximizing the digital handling of data between business partners the entire supply chain from end to end, is now automated including manufactures, warehouses, 3PL’s, distributors and retailers.

  • Automated order process eliminates manual errors, making the process more efficient and delivering shorter lead times.
  • Greater accuracy and visibility, delivering improved service levels. Automating order management and status in real time assures a rapid and secure flow of supply resulting in a lower cost of inventory.
  • Streamline the tracking of product by SSCC-18 serial shipping container codes, labels and ASN’s to identify a logistic unit. These can be any combination of products packaged together for storage or transport purposes, for example: a case, pallet or parcel.
  • Automated data flow between company owned and third-party warehouses
  • Increased customer satisfaction and retention as a direct result of guaranteed on-time delivery of goods and services to trading partners
  • Shorter invoicing cycles due to accurate invoicing
  • Human error eliminated by utilizing automated error notifications
  • Elimination of expensive VANS through direct connection with Trading Partners using AS2 communications
  • Redeployment of IT and EDI staff
  • Simple user interface and dashboards
  • Robust error handling and user notifications


Ross ERP Support and Services

The ProcessOne team is highly skilled with Ross ERP, having 30 years’ experience developing, implementing and supporting Ross ERP. Our team has deep technical and development skills as well as broad experience with optimizing business processes around the Ross software.

ProcessOne has helped Ross ERP customers solve short term problems while also helping them meet the longer term goals of their business.  Our combination of project best practices, technical skills, and business experience assure that our customers receive cost effective solutions that work as planned.

Our unique business value:

  • Depth of Knowledge:  involved with Ross ERP since 1988, we know how to get the best out of the software, and how to best configure it for customer environment
  • Development Expertise:  if Ross ERP does not solve a specific need, we have the skills to modify Ross DML to achieve the required functionality
  • Development expertise in .NET and Java:  if you require a new software function or application to link with Ross ERP, we have the skills and experience to deliver this as well
  • Business Experience: our team has business managers who have been Ross ERP users and can advise your team on how to apply Ross to match their needs
  • Track Record: we have a history of successfully delivering upgrades at a fixed price, on time and on budget
  • Integration Skills: we have the integration software and the experience with linking third party applications to Ross ERP resulting in a seamless business process
  • Architects:  since we are the designers of Ross ERP Manufacturing, there is little about supporting or enhancing the software that we have not encountered


Lindsay Rewcastle, CEO


Lindsay brings a unique mix of technical skills and entrepreneurial experience to his role as CEO of ProcessOne Solutions.

Lindsay was the designer of the Ross ERP process manufacturing modules. He has also instrumental in designing and launching Transportation Management, BPM Workflow, and integration software products in the Ross customer base.

Most recently Lindsay was part of the design and rollout team for P1 EDI.

As well as software Lindsay has been managing Ross ERP support organizations in the US and NZ since 1991. Lindsay was the CEO of CIMDEC Systems (Kansas City & Auckland) in the 1990’s, the CEO of Ceiba Solutions (Boston & Auckland) in the 2000’s and now ProcessOne Solutions.  

Calvin Smucker, Vice President, Operations

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Calvin’s 20 years of experience working for large and small food manufacturers in Virginia, have been instrumental in winning customer confidence and in leading the delivery of complex software projects.

Calvin’s background as a manager for production control, manufacturing and planning coupled with his years at CDC as a Ross ERP consultant, provide a natural bridge between customer teams and ProcessOne consultants.

Calvin has led some of the largest, most complex Ross projects. He was project manager of the successful Shire Fix Ross project from 2008 – 2010. This project allowed Shire to grow from 400 to 1200 staff and open a state-of-the-art facility in Lexington, MA, followed by the addition of yet another manufacturing location and a significant supply chain and operations expansion across both the US and Europe.

Richard Kelsey, Vice President, Development

Widely regarded as the best solution architect in the Ross ERP marketplace, Richard has 20 years of successful Ross ERP software design, development and implementation.

As well as being an integral part of the Ross ERP 5.7 and 5.9 development teams, Richard has designed and managed the development of numerous Ross ERP custom and product development projects. 

Richard is the solution architect of P1 EDI, using his vast functional and technical experience with both Microsoft and Ross ERP to craft a solution that truly does automate a Ross ERP customer’s supply chain.