Business Challenge: Automate EDI to manage rapid growth.

Califia Farms produces a range of smoothies, juices and almond milk based on ingredients grown locally in California.  The company has created a state-of-the-art manufacturing technology producing a high quality product focused on freshness and flavor consistency. 

In the two-and-a-half years since its brand launch, Califia Farms has rapidly emerged as a fixture in the market for almond milk beverages and, more recently, cold-brew coffee, with the company charging forward on innovation in both fast-growing categories. 

Revenue increased 177% in the last reported year, and there are no signs of a slowdown. 
This has placed great pressure on Califia’s people and its infrastructure. One area that was underperforming and not able to grow with the business was Califia’s EDI system.

  • Margin and customer satisfaction were being unnecessarily eroded because Califia didn’t have reliable and effective business systems and processes that met the EDI needs of customers and the business
  • Order and invoice mismatches caused delays in payments and impacted Califia’s cash-flow
  • Processes were intensely manual and prone to human error
  • The company has unnecessary risk because its EDI systems were reliant on the knowledge and expertise of a few key employees

To address these issues Califia Farms decided to implement P1 EDI. P1 EDI has now been live at Califia Farms for over a year, revenue has more than doubled in that time, but P1 EDI has more than handled this growth.

  • P1 EDI generates and receives EDI X12 files directly
  • All processing is automated
  • No user interaction is required to initiate EDI send or receive processes. 
  • Users need only be involved when an exception occurs that requires specific attention
  • IT staff can be notified of transmission or system related errors, while SOP and AR users can be notified of functional errors
  • Trading partners and/or VANs can be also be automatically notified if appropriate
  • Ross ERP is updated directly, using web service technology
  • Ross ERP automatically generates XML files which P1 EDI converts into X12 transactions
  • Califia now have a Dashboard to monitor all transactions.