Business Challenge: Integrated Truck and Railcar Scheduling

KMCO is a specialty chemical manufacturer, founded in 1975 and headquartered in Crosby, Texas, 35 miles east of Houston.  With manufacturing plants located in Crosby and Port Arthur, TX, KMCO have been supporting the world's leading chemical companies and fulfilling their manufacturing demands for over 30 years.

Commitment to quality in people, customer service, regulatory compliance, equipment, and technology has enabled KMCO to become one of the premier custom chemical companies in North America.

KMCO uses Ross ERP to manage its manufacturing, order processing and financial operations. However, the functionality KMCO’s required to manage its truck & railcar scheduling and loading & unloading required software functionality not available in Ross ERP.

ProcessOne’s TMS software was selected to manage these functions.

  • Minute by minute finite scheduling of KMCO’s loading and unloading facilities
  • Management of all truck, trailer and railcar resources
  • Tight integration with Ross ERP through IAF web services for sales & purchase order             processing, inventory, manufacturing.
  • Management of all dispatching and receipts through TMS, with TMS updating Ross ERP

TMS has been live since 2008, has progressed through a number of technology upgrades (Ross ERP, Microsoft SQL, Windows, .NET) and is running as well now as the day it went live.