LA Salads

Los Angeles Salad Company is a family owned and operated business, particularly acclaimed for quality specialty vegetables including French Green Beans (Haricots Verts) and fresh-cut produce.

The majority of LA Salad’s produce is grown from specialty seed, hand harvested and packed at source. As grower, packer and shipper, LA Salads partner with their trading partners to grow produce for their specific needs and specifications.

The diversity of growing areas helps ensure consistent supply and reduces the risk of shortages; we transition seasonally to fields in different geographical locations. 

All of LA Salad’s bags and trays are individually designed to extend the shelf life of each specific item.

LA Salads approached ProcessOne with a requirement to improve their EDI processes. Their existing EDI processes required that transactions are manually maintained in both SPS Commerce and iTrade systems as well as in local Ross systems.

This was both labor intensive and time consuming such that significant efficiency gains can be realised by moving to fully automated processes.

LA Salads are now live with the P1 Sales Suite.

ProcessOne have developed a fully automated shipping label print process.

  • Automatically calculate carton and pallet counts for a shipment

  • SSCC-18 label ID’s are automatically generated

  • All relevant shipment information (including item codes, lot number, label ID’s are be pulled from the Ross shipping tables and then sent to the label software for printing

  • The label printing software then formats and prints the labels

  • When the shipment is confirmed in Ross, all of this information is then used by P1 to automatically generate and send the EDI ASN to the trading partner.