Automating the Microsoft D365 Supply Chain with P1 365

Supply chains in pharmaceutical, food and beverage, metals and chemical industries are facing challenges brought about by complex network of disconnected systems and independent software. The result is typically a large number of staff required to perform time consuming and manual tasks in order to manage the communication between these systems. This includes Enterprise Resource Management, Process Control, Warehouse Management, Transportation Management and Category Management.

The key is to automate the supply chain is to efficiently exchange information between these business systems. This was next to impossible in the days of the VAN’s and difficult to integrate systems.

ProcessOne through its P1 software has developed, and is delivering, an EDI solution that truly does automate the supply chain. By maximizing the digital handling of data between business partners the entire supply chain from end to end, is now automated including manufactures, warehouses, 3PL’s, distributors and retailers.

See what our customers are experiencing with P1:

  • Automated order process eliminates manual errors, making the process more efficient and delivering shorter lead times.

  • Greater accuracy and visibility, delivering improved service levels. Automating order management and status in real time assures a rapid and secure flow of supply resulting in a lower cost of inventory.

  • Streamlining the tracking of product by SSCC-18 serial shipping container codes, labels and ASN’s to identify a logistic unit. These can be any combination of products packaged together for storage or transport purposes, for example: a case, pallet or parcel.

  • Automated data flow between company owned and third-party warehouses

  • Increased customer satisfaction and retention as a direct result of guaranteed on-time delivery of goods and services to trading partners

  • Shorter invoicing cycles due to accurate invoicing

  • Human error eliminated by utilizing automated error notifications

  • Elimination of expensive VANS through direct connection with Trading Partners using AS2 communications

  • Redeployment of IT and EDI staff

  • Simple user interface and dashboards

  • Robust error handling and user notifications

P1 have been doing this successfully for five years in conjunction with the Tier 2 ERP software Ross ERP.

ProcessOne have now developed a Microsoft D365 version of the software to allow D365 customers to have the same supply chain automation.