Two senior consultants appointed to new positions

Calvin Smucker is named Vice President, Operations, and Richard Kelsey is now Vice President, Software Development. 

Calvin’s 20 years of experience working for large and small food manufacturers in Virginia, have been instrumental in winning customer confidence and in leading the delivery of complex software projects. His background as a manager for production control, manufacturing and planning coupled with his years at CDC as a Ross ERP consultant, provide a natural bridge between customer teams and ProcessOne consultants. 

Richard has been working with Ross ERP since 1993 and has a wealth of experience with all facets of the application at both functional and technical levels. He was part of the Ross ERP development team for versions 5.7 and 5.9, and has designed and built software to integrate Ross ERP with 3rd party systems. This knowledge and experience gives Richard a unique capability to lead the software development team at ProcessOne. 

In addition, both of these executives have led numerous business reviews for customers which deliver a road map for improvements. In order to successfully deliver on these road maps, Calvin leads the consulting operation and Richard heads-up development.