P1 EDI - Automating the Supply Chain

So what features in P1 EDI provide us with the ability to automate your supply chain?

Let's look at the functionality we've released in P1 EDI Version 2.

  • Communication via AS2 is now standard in the Ross ERP version of P1 EDI. AS2 enables transmission of EDI documents directly with trading partners. It provides a much more reliable service and eliminates the need for VAN services and therefore VAN costs.
  • Exception handling. Invoicing has been the focus of much of this effort to ensure that any invoice exception is always dealt with quickly and appropriately. This includes invoice transmission errors from Ross ERP to P1 EDI, from P1 EDI to the trading partner and acceptance errors sent by trading partners following receipt of an 810 or 880.
  • An archive function is now standard with P1 EDI. Transactions are archived automatically at intervals appropriate to the business further improving performance. Archived data is still available to view as required through the P1 UI.
  • A number of new standard EDI transactions are available with the latest version of P1 EDI. All are fully integrated and automated with Ross ERP, and are also available for use with TMS or other systems as required. These include EDI warehouse transactions 753, 754, 940, 945, 943, 944.
  • Support for SSCC-18 serial shipping container codes through both label printing and advanced ship notes. The codes can be any combination of products packaged together for storage or transport purposes, for example: a case, pallet or parcel.
  • Contract and Chargeback transactions 844, 845 and 849 are now available in P1 EDI, all integrated through XML and web services with the Ross ERP Contracts and Chargebacks module.
  • User interface improvements have been made to the P1 EDI UI to make it easier to use. Various updates to the transaction search screen make it easier for users to review, track and process EDI transactions as and when required.
  • Automated carbon copy transactions (for use with brokers)
  • KPI reporting
  • Overdue 997 tracking
  • Email notification engine has been updated to send email notifications for non-EDI processes
  • Added parent trading partner functionality
  • Dates in users’ time zone

All Ross ERP customers on versions 1.x, have been upgraded, meaning all customers are running on the same release. Going forward ProcessOne will maintain one production release for all Ross ERP P1 EDI customers.

Many Ross customers have limited EDI functionality, no AS2 capabilities and none of the supply chain automation capabilities now standard in P1 EDI.

P1 EDI V2 can add value to your business, but don't take our word for it, give it a try.

We've now put in place a pilot program, using your Ross ERP Test environment, up to three trading partners connected through AS2 and any five EDI transactions in P1 EDI. A two month pilot, real transactions in parallel. We're confident that once you've seen the business benefits you'll want to go ahead with a full project. 

To contact ProcessOne, P1 EDI Pilot