ProcessOne Releases P1 EDI

After twenty years of assisting process manufacturers with their EDI transactions, eighteen months of software development and nine months in production at a food & beverage customer, ProcessOne is pleased to announce the general availability of P1 EDI

P1 EDI offers a new way for Ross ERP customers to manage their EDI transactions. No more managing flat files, paying for EDI translation services, hunting for and solving transaction errors, and resolving update errors in Ross ERP.

P1 EDI automatically generates EDI X12 transactions directly out of Ross ERP, posts them to your EDI service provider or trading partners, and correspondingly updates Ross ERP with incoming EDI transactions.  P1 EDI is a cloud-based application running on Microsoft Azure. And P1 EDI supports many more EDI transaction types than you are offered with Ross ERP.

A Better Solution

P1 EDI eliminates the following business problems:

  • EDI X12 translation issues
  • Manual updating of flat file data tables
  • Time-consuming error searches and correction
  • Inability to monitor transaction flow
  • AddingEDI X12 transactions that are not supported by Ross ERP

P1 EDI also provides the following new capabilities:

  • Automated updates of Ross ERP with incoming EDI transactions
  • Creating or sending sales and purchasing transactions directly from Ross ERP
  • Support for contracts and chargeback transactions
  • Automated exchange of any EDI transactions with trading partners and VAN’s
  • Monitoring of all EDI transactions sent to or received from trading partners
  • Detailed audit trail of all transactions sent or received
  • Capturing details of all errors and exceptions while notifying the right users via e-mail and alerts on the Dashboard.
  • Better business response through tracking of individual transactions by trading partner, transaction set and date range to facilitate easy handling of errors and exceptions

Recommendations for Your Business

  • Step 1: Take a closer look. Schedule a demonstration of P1 EDI with ProcessOne.  We explain how the major functions work and answer your technical questions. 
  • Step 2: Estimate the Value. Based on past experience, ProcessOne believe we can reduce your EDI transaction costs by between 20% and 40%, all documented up front through a Business Review for EDI.
  • Step 3: Plan the Project. If P1 EDI is the right decision for your business, then ProcessOne provides you a Deployment Plan Template which covers each step in the project.  Our team works with yours to fill in the tasks, trading-partner set-up and scheduling. 
  • Step 4: Make it all work. Once everyone agrees to the Deployment Plan and schedule, the ProcessOne team takes over and makes it all work. 
  • Step 5: Run the business .You now have better control of your EDI transactions, but you may need help and advice as you run your business. Assistance for users, training and support of any kind is only a ‘click’ away with the ProcessOne Help Desk.  People may post questions, reach out for technical assistance and build up a knowledge-base reference library through the documented responses provided by ProcessOne consultants.

Getting Started

Contact us for more information, to arrange a friendly chat or a conference call, or to set up a Web demonstration.  There is no obligation, and what you discover could make a huge difference for your company. 

If you are interested, we look forward to hearing from you.  Please contact me at to get started.

Our long history and success at ProcessOne has been built on helping Ross ERP customers. 

Companies who rely on Ross ERP rely on ProcessOne.