P1 EDI keeps you aware when things go wrong or key events occur, so you can take immediate action. We’ve also made it easy to set up and maintain communications.

  • Notifications: Every time an error or other key event occurs, P1 EDI notifies you via email or the Dashboard Task List. You can even set your alerts to notify you of particular events or activities. P1 EDI has customizable templates and e-mail lists.
  • Functional Acknowledgements: P1 EDI handles 997 functional acknowledgement generation and reconciliation, notifying your trading partners when you receive a transaction from them, awaiting acknowledgments when you send one, and alerting you if this doesn’t happen.
  • Transaction Logging: P1 EDI maintains a complete log of every transaction for every trading partner so you can review the entire history through the Transaction Screen, You can search the screen based on dates, transaction type, transaction number and Trading Partner.