P1 EDI is cloud based EDI software that accelerates the integration of Trading Partners and ERP systems by providing rules-based logic to implement complex EDI business processes.

Inbound EDI transactions are automatically mapped and updated in your ERP system.

For outbound transactions, P1 EDI reaches into your ERP software using web services, grabs the required data and maps these into the standard EDI format.  These EDI transactions are automatically sent to a VAN through FTP, or directly to a Trading Partner through AS2.

P1 EDI supports the entire trading cycle.

  • Inbound Purchase Orders are followed by PO Acknowledgements, Change Order Requests, Shipping Notices, Invoices and any adjustments are acknowledged and reconciled.
  • Outbound Purchase Orders and Change Order Requests are generated, Shipping Notices and Invoices received and acknowledged and adjustments transactions generated.

Everything is managed through the P1 EDI Dashboard, where the business is set up and activity can be viewed in real time.  Trading Partner profiles are managed and errors can be easily reconciled anywhere in the process.

P1 EDI eliminates the following business problems:

  • EDI X12 translation issues
  • Manual updating of flat file data tables
  • Time-consuming error searches and correction
  •  Inability to monitor transaction flow

P1 EDI also provides the following new capabilities:

  • Creating or sending sales and purchasing transactions directly from your ERP software
  • Automated exchange of any EDI transactions with trading partners and VAN’s
  • Monitoring of all EDI transactions sent to or received from trading partners
  • Detailed audit trail of all transactions sent or received
  • Capturing details of all errors and exceptions while notifying the right users
  • Better business response through tracking of individual transactions by trading partner, transaction set and date range to facilitate easy handling of errors and exceptions