P1 EDI manages the entire order process, from the receipt or sending of an order through shipping/receipt, invoicing & transaction reconciliation. 


P1 EDI makes sure you get paid for sales and you only pay for what you contracted and what you received. 

P1 EDI has multiple ways to automate the creation of a sales order

  • EDI 850 or 875
  • Retail e-commerce website with direct delivery such as
  • Cloud based e-commerce website such as Shopify
  • In house e-commerce website such as nopCommerce
  • E-mailed purchase order from a non EDI customer 

P1 EDI has multiple ways you can automate the sending of an invoice

  • EDI 810 or 880 automatically from your ERP software to an EDI Trading Partner
  • E-mail an invoice automatically to a non EDI customer 

Shipping Advice

  • 830 Material Release Schedule
  • 855 Purchase Order Acknowledgement at either ship create or ship confirm
  • 856 Advance Ship Notice, including life sciences serialization
  • 862 Shipping Schedule, details actual shipping requirements
  • 940 Warehouse Shipping Order, instruct remote warehouses to ship orders
  • 945 Warehouse Shipping Advice, provides confirmation of a shipment 

Reconciliation Transactions

  • Automated notifications for EDI 812, 824, 861 & 864 transactions
  • Provides feedback on invoicing issues to your AR staff for quick response before it affects cash flow