Our unique business value to our Ross ERP customers

  • Depth of Knowledge:  involved with Ross ERP since 1988, we know how to get the best out of the software, and how to best configure it for customer environments
  • Development Expertise:  if Ross ERP does not solve a specific need, we have the skills to modify Ross DML to achieve the required functionality
  • Development expertise in .NET and Java:  if you require a new software function or application to link with Ross ERP, we have the skills and experience to deliver this as well
  • Business Experience: our team has business managers who have been Ross ERP users and can advise your team on how to apply Ross to match their needs
  • Track Record: we have a history of successfully delivering upgrades at a fixed price, on time and on budget
  • Integration Skills: we have the integration software and the experience with linking third party applications to Ross ERP resulting in a seamless business process
  • Architects:  since we are the designers of Ross ERP Manufacturing, there is little about supporting or enhancing the software that we have not encountered