Signature Breads

Signature Breads is an independent, employee owned bakery specializing in par-baked breads for restaurants and supermarkets.

Signature Breads have been operating their bakery in Chelsea, MA for nearly 30 years and proudly serve customers in all 50 states.

Signature Breads had very manual EDI processes for orders, invoices and advance ship notices. Their goal was to automate these procedures and eliminate the bulk of manual processing.

P1 has achieved this with automated inbound EDI 850 customer PO’s and outbound outbound EDI 810 invoices.

Automation of the shipping process required some extra work, as Signature Breads Trading Partners required carrier information and label LPN data is included in the EDI 856 transaction.

This data is in the custom warehouse management system Signature Breads use. As part of the project, ProcessOne automated the transfer of data from the WMS to P1 to facilitate the Ross Ship Confirm process and the creation of an EDI 856 Advance Ship Notice.